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2D Endless Jumper Game Kit

2D Endless Jumper Toolkit is a full game template for creating infinite jumper games of any kind. e.g. Doodle Jump in Unity3D, MegaJump etc.

The package has all the code necessary to create a game with varying difficulty – and optimum performance for Mobile devices.

- Unity 2D Sprites Used
- Full Gameplay Mechanics (jumping, enemies, tiles, powerups, scoring)
- Accelerometer Control
- Dynamic Level Generation
- Object Pooling – Efficient for Mobile Devices
- Advanced Game Settings (probability of tiles, powerups, enemies etc)



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  • marian

    Hi its ready to controll on mobile devices? or its need to make it from start? ..thank you

  • admin

    It’s ready for Mobile devices! Uses Accelerometer for control.

  • Supon

    is it work on iOS and unity 5 ? thank you.

  • Michio

    I got an error with this game, please help…

  • Anonymous

    Hi I am wondering what is the license of this asset? Can I use it as a skeleton of an open source game?

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