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2D A* Grid Based Pathfinding in Unity3D

This is a 2D Grid Based Pathfinding solution especially for Tower Defense games like FieldRunners etc.

The sample instantiates enemies at a random grid tile and they move along the grid to the end position. Only Unity 2D Sprites are used for enemies, grid and background.

You can customize the grid size and other variables – This is a sample code to learn and re-use if needed.

Demo (Web Preview)

Download (Yes, it’s free!)

  • tien

    Could you please send me script, i’m learning unity

  • kardilah

    I bought “Grid-Based 2D pathfinding” you make, but I have difficulty to detect that AstarEnemy lines should not be shut down by a defender (tower). please help thank you

  • joe

    not free you liar

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