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Get Time from the Server

A common error that developers make is that they use the time on the device for various game play elements.

For e.g. A game that requires the user to wait 2 hours before making another element.

This can be easily hacked by changing the device date/time. So, in order to stop cheating, you must get time from the server and compare the current time with that.


The easiest solution would be to make a PHP page and print time in it.

Then use WWW in Unity to query the page and get time.



  1. <?php
  2. print date(“G.i:s”, time());
  3. ?>


void Start () {
    IEnumerator getTime()
        WWW www = new WWW("");
        yield return www;
        Debug.Log("Time on the server is now: " + www.text);
  • nobody

    hi, can you make the php include the date also ?
    it mean so much for me,
    thank you

  • asd

    hi, im using this solution… btw i’ve made my script to load on my server with apache, but unfortunately it require a user\pass to get the page load… if I put my page in CS script i got 401 error authentication required… do you know anyway to bypass that?

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