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Enough. No More Flappy Clones Please!

According to data from March 2014, Over Sixty ‘Flappy Bird’ Clones Hit Apple’s App Store Every Single Day.
The number is bound to be way higher on Google Play Store.

Do you know what this means? Not only are the stores littered with crap flappy clones, but the forums, groups, social media – every where! Developers are advertising their Flappy clone as if it’s the next big thing.

This Flappy clone madness has to stop now!


Flappy Bird caused a sensation after rising from obscurity to become one of the most downloaded mobile games on both Apple and Google’s online stores.

Instead of focusing our energies to copy a game that frankly, takes any developer a day to make, why can’t we work on original ideas?

It gave indie developers a sense of hope that even they could make it big with a little luck and effort.
But instead of focusing on casual game ideas like flappy bird, developers started creating the exact clones.

Now after all Flappy Bird clones are beginning to drop on the charts, it’s time we go back to the drawing boards and start working on original ideas.

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