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Instant Hi-Res Screenshot

So upon popular request, I’ve decided to make an editor extension of my Screenshot Script.

It now works like a charm! Just import the package in any project and goto -> Saad Khawaja -> Hi-Res Screenshot


You can now take High Resolution Screenshots of your Unity Game right from the Scene View as well at the click of a button!


  • Take the Hi-Res Camera Render Screenshot (with/without alpha channel)
  • Set your own resolution
  • One click from the Scene/Game View



Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 3.38.02 am





  • KeepTrying

    .unitypackage not configured on server, can’t download. Thank you.

  • admin

    You can download it from the Asset Store:!/content/24122

  • Rainer

    Hi, I saw this asset and tried it out with Unity 5.1.3f
    It looks like the new Unity UI is not rendered, right? Since I want to have my GUI in the screenshot, this tool doesn’t help me yet. Could you improve it and support the GUI rendering?
    I also saw the note (Uses RenderTexture so requires Unity PRO), but I think this is not valid anymore since Unity 5.0, right?
    I would love to use this asset, it looks very good in your video.

  • Dmitry

    Thx for nice tool.
    I use Unity 5.3.2f1 (free) and it works well.

  • Malcolm

    Hey I tried this on this on the store, it works great. Could you please release a paid version that remembers the settings you choose last time, I would like to buy it. Or just add that feature to the free version and I can send you some money via paypal. Right now the screenshot tool resets the interface each time I restart unity.

  • gareth

    Is there a limit to the resolution that can be generated?

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