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Tower Defense Game Kit – Fieldrunners Clone

Demo | Download from Unity Asset Store

The package contains a full fledged Tower Defense game kit starter code.
A complete structure of enemies, waves, etc is included to get you started.

The best part is that this package follows the practices of successful TD games like FieldRunners as it is Sprite Based 2D.

Sprite Sheets containing images of different angles are used which is a very efficient approach as compared to using 3D models.

It is also a good learning point for beginners and advanced developers on how to create a tower defense game using 2D sprites with sprite switching.

A* Algorightm is used for pathfinding – grid based movement is used for enemies. A complete coding structure with concepts like inheritence, polymorphism etc is there so editing/adding is extremely easy for developers.

-> One Tower included by default – (Can easily add more)
-> 3 Enemies included – Dog, Car, Human.
-> A* Algorithm for PathFinding.
-> Efficient for Mobile Phones
-> 2D Sprite Based – Not 3D.
-> Complete TD Game Structure Included
-> Grid Based – Edit Grid size, alter movement etc easily
-> Multiple Path Finding ways – Euclidean Distance, Manhattan Distance etc.
-> Easy to Understand
-> Easy to Edit and Modify
-> Documentation Included
-> C# Code

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